Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's done, Yippeeeee!!

Well it is finally done, and I am happy with the results. This is the first time I have used my big machine and frame to thread paint an art quilt. It was a learning experience, and will know what to expect and what to do differently next time. The main problem was that I used fusable Pellon, but put the fusing to the backing, not what I should have done. I also did not fuse it, thinking I would do it later and so I learned that it really needs to be fused first to the top, then to work from there. This peice was done for a project a couple of us did on Connecting threads Quilt with Us, Love of Art Quilts, Piece a Day. I did not do a piece a day, as we were gone some of the time and it was impossible for me to do anything one day at a time. I work fast and hard, them I play slow and softly!!
Tomorrow our group from the Urban Plunge will present our thoughts from our trip at a program at the Church. I look forward to seeing the other 15 people involved, as during that weekend we became close and have bonded in a way that is unexplainable.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Piece A Day Almost Done

I will be posting a photo of the art quilt I have been working on the Quilt with Us/Connecting Threads Love of Art Quilts Group. I'm finally finished with the threadpainting, now all that is left is to put on a border or two, quilt it, then binding completes the whole project.
I was at my local quilt group last evening and the project for next month is for everyone to bring some of their completed projects so we can vote on some to send to the States annual quilt show. I will of course take this quilt, not that I think it is that good, but if I don't try, then it does not stand a chance, Can't win if you don't play!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Go Figure!

Well I delivered the quilt I finished yesterday to the lady. She loved it, then proceeded to give me 24 more blocks that she has done to make 2 more quilts, just like this one. Well by the time I get the last one done, I will like the fabric!! I am thankful that she liked what I had done, and that she wants more. It is so hard to figure out what people want and what they like. I know that I am crafty enough that if I had made the blocks I would do the quilt. But not so with everyone. She will be giving these to her Grandchildren as Graduation presents, in the future. She wants them done so she does not have do worry about them. Since I did not put a label on the one I had finished I suggested she write done when and to whom she will be giving the quilts away, so that her grandchildren have a record of what she has done for them.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Quilt is Finally Done

Here is the quilt I worked on all last week. This is not anything I enjoy doing, but sometimes I do it because the people can't. The embroidered blocks were made by a lady near here. She contacted my sister who inturn contacted me to make the quilt. All she provided were the blocks and the fabric for the sashing and borders. No that fabric (the green) would not have been my choice,, reason being it is so busy and so it takes away (my feelings only) from the beautiful embroidery. But this is what she chose so that is what I used.

Friday, June 18, 2010

What an eventful week~

This has been one of those weeks. My DS signed me up to make a quilt for an elderly lady she knows. Now I am a machine quilter, not a quilt maker, well I love making quilts, just those for myself or my family. So anyway, I started the quilt this week. The lady had embroidered 12 17" blocks, of beautiful flowers. So my task was to put on sashing and add a border, quilt the quilt then bind it. I am about ready to start the binding, but let me tell you it has been a struggle! I will post photos as soon as I get it off the quilting frame.

Yesterday we, DH, his friend, a young lady we know and another pastor from near here loaded into our vehicle and drove some 75 miles to Hastings, NE to visit a homeless shelter there. It was such an interesting place, as they have very few paid staff. So our plans are to do some work there to help out. I have decided, it wasn't hard, that I would work in the kitchen. We also discussed me giving a class to some of the homeless women who are going through treatment, to prepare them to cook on their own. Should be quite a challenge.

The Connecting Threads Quilt with Us "Love of Art Quilts" group have posted our Do Do Do Looking our My Backdoor Blocks. Here is the one I made, although I do not have the butterfly done. All the blocks were great, such attention to detail.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Mission Trip - Omaha Urban Plunge

A week ago today 17 of us loaded into three Suburbans and off we drove the 4 hour drive to Omaha, NE. Now I lived in Omaha for 30 years, but it has been 15 years since I moved back to my hometown of approximately 900 people. What a change that was at the time, but now I realize how safe I have been during that time.
A lot of things have changed in Omaha in 15 years, but the inner city is still there, much cleaner I must say, but still the drugs and crime.
The weekend was a blessing to all that participated, I think of everything we learned, the love of our fellow man ranks right up there.
We first went to see a after school program for the youth, they are fed and cared for by trained educators. Next we went to a homeless shelter, and prayed for the people who frequent there. It was not only men, just as many women checked in for a nights rest on a mattress and a warm shower.
We sorted clothing and food, that is given out by the pound to those in need. We went to the Open Door Mission, then to a safe house for women or men who are abused. We went to a nursing home, and realized that not everyone has family who care about them.
On Sunday we went to two church services, one with a fairly poor congregation and one with a well to do group.
Last week was a week of resting and catching up on lost sleep and getting our muscles back in shape. One thing was decided, we are going to work in our community to better life for some that we have right here in need.
We started Wednesday night with a prayer walk down town in preparation for our communities annual celebration, Turkey Days. Then last night we set up a grill on main street and cooked hamburgers, chicken, and tenderloin, for the carnival workers. What a blessing.
I am working on getting Meals on Wheels here in Edison, we have way too many elderly who do not or can not cook for themselves.
Pray for our little towns!

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