Monday, March 7, 2011

Crashing down.

Have you every had times when things just seem to come crashing down?
First I had to prepare for a retreat, that stretched me in a new and different direction. I love people and I love the Lord, but it is hard for me to delegate, so God put me in that position and I had to literly let go and let God handle the rest. Lesson learned!!
For months I had been praying, as I had been asked in October if I would work the next Emmaus weekend in the conference room, and give a talk. Now my talk the "Priesthood of All Believers", an easy one, but boy did God put his foot down. We had a formation (day of preparation) so I gave my talk, boy that was an understatement. It was MY talk, not guided by Christ. I felt and knew that I had not shown Him respect, not had I followed His direction. So the day before the second and final formation, I rewrote the entire talk. Much different when I let God lead and I follow.
In between all of this, I broke my kneecap, right in two. Now it happened on city owned property, so of course that is an issue. I am still not to bear weight on that leg and have to wear a brace 24/7 which is hard and painful, not to mention slows me down way too much.
Many lessons to learn, when we feel like life is crashing down.
I am happy to report that my "Dear John" quilt sold to a good home, I have no idea what they paid and do not care, I am just happy that it went to a good Christian family.
I am off to quilt today, that is always good for my soul. I have been able to sit on my three legged roller stool and quilt from there, which is wonderful, since I am way behind.

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