Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stressed Fabtic

This is a day I want to spend in my shop doing just what I have to do personally, Here the first of December is upon me and I am not finished with my Christmas Swap. Shame on me! But today is the day for that, and for working on my Paint Chip Challenge for Quilt Group. The colors I drew were two yellows and a pretty blue. Since I organized the challenge I guess I had better do something special and different, which I have started.

I just finished a quilt for a customer, which for me was somewhat of a challenge. She had taken a Jelly Roll Class from the County Extension Office. This was her first quilt, and so it is special to her. She finished the base of the quilt, put on one border, but needed someone to finish it, so she called on me. Well when I got the bag I though "No Big Deal". But and I have never seen this before, all the fabric had been purchased in lenghts of 2-3 yards. Then the Extension Lady had had them rip, yes tear it the lenght of fabric. Wow what a waste of good fabric. I honestly did not realize people did sashings and borders like that. Needless to say, the fabric suffered from the stress. anyway it is done and I will deliver it this morning, but I was surprised to say the least. Has anyone else done a quilt like that??

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

We are headed to my sisters for dinner today, which will be fun.  My nephew, his wife and three children should be there and we have not seen them for several years.  Time does seem to be getting away from us.
Life has been good, Bud worked for a guy during harvest, enjoying his time just driving a tractor.
I have been taking a class from Marilyn Belford on Quilt University, Realistic Fabric Portrait Quilts.  I have done art quilts before, but this class has been quite a challenge, but it is coming together quite nicely now.  I had to learn that I do things a bit different from others, so no big deal.  Here is a photo of my model, will post the finished quilt when it is finally done!
This is a painting a friend of mine did from a photo she was allowed to use that had been taken by her college professor.  Long story short, the photo was taken in the early 80's, she painted "Rosita" in 83-84.  I was able to find the photographer/professor, what a delightful man to visit with.  He gave his okay, so "Rosita" will be a quilt soon, I pray.

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