Monday, June 21, 2010

Go Figure!

Well I delivered the quilt I finished yesterday to the lady. She loved it, then proceeded to give me 24 more blocks that she has done to make 2 more quilts, just like this one. Well by the time I get the last one done, I will like the fabric!! I am thankful that she liked what I had done, and that she wants more. It is so hard to figure out what people want and what they like. I know that I am crafty enough that if I had made the blocks I would do the quilt. But not so with everyone. She will be giving these to her Grandchildren as Graduation presents, in the future. She wants them done so she does not have do worry about them. Since I did not put a label on the one I had finished I suggested she write done when and to whom she will be giving the quilts away, so that her grandchildren have a record of what she has done for them.

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