Saturday, October 24, 2009

Beautiful quilt for a new quilt shop

This is a quilt I am just starting for the new quilt shop opening Monday in Arapahoe, NE. I am anxious to get started with it, but at this point am unsure as to what I will be doing, so have to spend today and tomorrow walking past it and thumbing through magazines. This quit has beautiful setting blocks with which I hope to so some fancy quilting. I'll post the end quilt to see how everyone likes it.
Other then this, not too much is going on in my world, just keeping busy with quilts which is why I am in business. Just finished one yesterday and have this one then one more. Not really enough to really brag about, but am in hopes this one will bring in customers.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sewing today!

Today I spent much of the time sewing a top that I have been wanting to work on for quite some time. this is 12 blocks that I would take on trips and work on. Seemed like it took a long time to do them but in actuallity it wasn't bad at all. I am not sure what I will do next, if it needs a border or not. Will just leave on my design wall, as the majority of my inspiration comes as I walk by quilts. I do kn0w how i will quilt it, as it is a natural for circles in the sashing and echo's in the blocks. Will probably just keep this quilt as I do most of them, just am terrible when it comes to giving them away. Will have to put label on to tell who it is to go to, but right now, I have no one in mind.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another chilly week here in the city!

Here is a quilt a friend of mine did using tracings from an antique quilt given to me by my first husbands mother. She received the quilt as a baby, so has to be atleast 90 years old. The quilt was made from the Kansas City Star Ruby McKim's nursery rhymes Penny Squares, 1916.

Boy it has been cold here and rainy.

My DH and I work out of North Platte, NE every sixth Friday and Saturday. We awoke on Saturday morning to a 13.8" snow and I mean a snow. The only good thing was that it came straight down, so no drifts, which is a really good thing.

My machine has been idle for a couple of days. Will be having quilt group here on Monday night so need to get it ready for 10-15 women to try her out. I will load some easy fabric to test drive her.
My "Banwell Men" art quilt is moving along very, very slowly. Wish I could get into the usual mood, then it would be done in nothing flat. Seems that once I get the line drawing done, the rest, fabric selection, placement, and background goes very quickly.
Have a baby shower to go to on Saturday, so will put together a quilt for that. She may just get a photo of the unfinished quilt as I doubt if I have time to piece, quilt and bind one. I do have some very nice blocks already to be sashed.
Guess I better get to that quilt.
Have a great evening.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Flip Flops!

This is a quilt I am working on right now, from a customer in Holbrook, NE. Makes me wish summer was still here, as fall has hit us pretty hard the last few days. It is a nice quilt, the applique is stiff, should have used a lite, but that is okay.
Gone are the tomato plants and the peppers, not too sorry about that, as it seems to have been a long summer. I canned lots of tomatoes, froze some green beans, and pickled some peaches. What I didn't get done will have to be bought in the store.
Tomorrow being another day, I plan to get back to my art quilt "Banwell Men". Seems I have been procrastinating, as have hit a bump in the road with the pencil drawing. But I have decided, "No Big Deal", I will make my transparency and off I will go, hope I have enough fabric.
I do not have many UFO's, so need to get that one near the end before I start on my butterfly quilt!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall is here!

I finished a quilt yesterday that was a neighbor's, is a real nice pattern and she said it was easy. She is 80+ YOA and is a prolific piecer. Up until a couple of years ago, she did all her own quilting, large quilts on her sewing machine. Ugh!! She said since she can no longer hold the quilts on her shoulder, she would need someone else to do it. I love doing her quilts.

The wind blew a gale today, have no idea the MPH, but it was messy.

Will be posting an update on my art quilt, it is going slow, but sure. Have a showing in a month or two so need to get to crackin.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

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I am again moving along on my "Banwell Men" art quilt. That is what for now I am calling my WIP of my nephew and his son. Have had a terrible time drawing Max's face, have added too much detail, also have to use two other photos for his right ear as it is blocked in the photo I am using. Will photo today and post my stage. Will be starting the background today and tomorrow as time allows.

I will also want to start a landscape quilt using my Monarch Butterfly photo. Here it is, so will of course be on the look out for some nice orange fabric for the butterfly.

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