Monday, September 27, 2010

Several quilts I have finished for customers

This is a Gameboard quilt I have done for a Quilting Retreat I am Co-Hosting. We will be going to a camping area rent a cabin, and work on a Retreat bag. One of the things we will be doing is playing a few games, should be fun. Now I am looking for 24 buttons to use as game pieces.

Here are some customer quilts I have been doing, they are always fun to do. This first one is a customer who this is her first structured quilt, she has done such a great job, as you can see the blocks are all the same one "Brasstown", just fabric is negative/positive:

We have been busy, DH's church requires we drive a bunch, which we do not mind. My son in Omaha had an accident with a ladder, falling 10 feet, but broke his elbow in several places, so surgery was a week ago Thursday, we were there, three plates, 21 screws, and 26 staples later, he spent the night in the hospital, mainly due to high blood pressure and elevated blood sugar. He had his cast taken off this past Friday, so he is on the mend, but it will be slow and easy going like it or not!

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