Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring has been replaced with snow!

Well we had a good dose of Spring, them it all went south and now we are getting a good ole snow storm. It won't be so bad, as spring storms never last too long.

I have been busy with my quilting business and my online friends from Connecting Threads. Oh my are we ever a lively group, never know what our next subject will be.

These are my friends from Wilcox/Hildreth, Nile & Bobette, great folks. I took this snapshot at the Fourth of July Party in Wilcox and it was the first time I have seen dear Nile with any kind of a smile on his face. I have decided this is my next art quilt, to be put in a show sometime this summer. I will of course first show it to them when it is done to get thier approval to show it, that will also be a promise to give it to them when I am done. These two are Emmaus friends which doesn't get any better!

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