Sunday, July 11, 2010

Grandkids - Love them all

Well the past week has been an awesome ride, with five of my six grandchildren here for the week. Last Sunday we met my daughter in law and brought the kids here. I call them kids, but they are young adults, 2 - 16, 1-14, 1-13, and 1 - turned 12 on Wednesday! What a great time we all had.
Each evening, we drove to town, 8 miles away and helped with Vacation Bible School. The two older girls helped me make parachutes with the kids for the Voice of the Martyr. It was not a fun project, as it was to be the childrens craft, so since we sent the parachutes off to be dropped out of an airplane, they went home with nothing, not a good thing, but wasn't my call. It was fun to teach the kids to sew.

Another thing we did was pick cherries from the neighbors tree, here is a photo of the pie we made and consumed in just a few hours.

The girls and I started a scrappy quilt with will be a long time making, but will be worth it in the end. They had a hard time understanding the process, but that is a given when it comes to learning something new. I look forward to future sewing time with them, as they are just ready to learn and truely absorb the information.
More to come later!

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