Sunday, July 25, 2010


These are three quilts I finished in between family visits. The first one was a favor for a young girl from nearby who was entering it into the County Fair. Her mother had called me asking if I would do it, since at the time I had nothing on the frame because of having family visiting, so I agreed to rush this quilt thru. Now, hind site, I would have done things differently.

The two baby quilts were for a customer who was unaware what the sex of the child would be, so what better, make two!!

Well, it has been a long yet short month, first having five of my grandchildren here for a week was an awesome time. I love having them here by themselves, without the benifit of parents hindering their comings and goings.\

Then last week we picked up my husbands eldest daughter and her 3 boys. Such a good time with them as well. Although they are much younger then my grandchildren, I enjoyed having them for that short time. We put water in the pool and they had a good time swimming, jumping on the tramp, then back to the pool. I think the chickens are glad that they left, not that the kids bothered the chickens, but it was just someone they did not know here.

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