Saturday, July 4, 2009

This has been a very full day. It started out trying to cook for a meal with friends in Wilcox which my DH has agreed we would bring the meal. Now I love to cook, but it is not easy with four very bored grandkids underfoot. So at 9:30 off we went to the parade in Arapahoe. Now in years past, it starter at 10:00 and ended 10:30 maybe 11:00, well not this year. it was 11:30 before we pulled out of town. Now that really isn't too bad, but we were to be at their home 45 miles away by noon. I still needed to make a cherry pie, potatoe salad and pasta salad.
Well we got there at 12:45 without the cherry pie. Oh well, but we did have a nice time at their concert in the park with local talent from the area. One of the singers had the most incredible voice I have ever heard. The locals said that he had had about 3/4's of his tongue removed due to cancer. The doctors said that he would never sing again, but he proved them wrong. What a voice. I can sing in the shower, but that is it. So refreshing to see such a recovery.

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