Sunday, July 12, 2009

Alone at last

Well we are alone at last!! Took the last one to meet his DM my soon to be ex DIL. Too bad, but what can I say.
A friend of ours died Friday morning, has been really tough on all concerned. We will go visit the Funeral Home on the way home from Church. My DH will be an honorary Pallbearer, so will be a hectic few days.
My DGS wants to move out with us, so took him to see the School. Here is a photo attached showing him by the flagpole. Quite a bit bigger school then what we were use to in our day. I really hope he can come back, he is a really fun young man
Enough for now.
Will take a quilt to the fair next week to see how it rates. Am anxious but not too hopeful.

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