Monday, June 22, 2009

This is going to be short, and by the way, Mike did Connie get a new Shih Tzu?

Today was a horrible, Hot, Busy Day.....DH took out our old AC Friday to replace with a new energy efficient unit. Well, as always, the process took days instead of hours. The wall needed to be reinforced and redone. Oh well such is life in the country.

I tried to make some small purses for the farmers market, but DH's daughters with 6 GKs are coming so have had to put away all my machines and fabric.

It is late, the air is in, I need to go to bed. As we like to say, I will be Ambienized soon, then who knows what I will say.,

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  1. She ordered her new doggie today a little girl.
    She won't get it for another 4 weeks. I will be ambienized shortly myself.


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