Sunday, June 21, 2009

Good evening from beautiful Edison, NE.

Seems like this was a very busy day, Church this morning after driving 45 miles to get there, Oh by the way, my DH is the pastor. Then to Holdrege, lunch then to the feed store for chicken feed. Boy, the 40+ chickens we have really eat up the food. Problem is that the ducks seem to like to scatter it all about. I am posting a photo of the critters, Quick has the small headdress and Quack the large one. In this photo, Quack is standing by while Quick washes her hair. Boy what a treat they have been. I can spend a great deal of time out at their pen watching them. Now they have two pools, so they will go from one to the other. Fresh water like you seen in this photo is a real treat to them. They will swim about then walk about, which can be done in the same pool, as they are just kiddy pools.
It was hot and humid his today and since our air conditioner is broken and the new one won't be in until tomorrow, I will have to listen to my DH whine for a while. Trust me, and my friend MH can testify, he can really Whine!!! when the weather is hot.
Hope all had a great and happy Fathers Day.

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