Sunday, June 21, 2009

We went to a beautiful wedding yesterday in Holdrege, NE. The groom's parents are members of the Pleasant View Christian Church where my DH preaches. The wedding was at a Luthern church which was just beautiful. Then the reception was at the Ag building. My DH said that he felt he should have gotten up and auctioned something, as he has auctioned tools in the building for our friend Mike Loper. I'd like to say those were the "Good Ole Days", but I'd be lying....
Ran into and spoke with my BIL's brother, Steve at the reception. He hadn't changed much from the high school years. As with all of us, we are older, slower but happy.
It's going to be a hot humid day here. Our air is being replaced, so am hoping it get finished this afternoon or I will not be a happy person. DH and a friend took it out on Friday and found that the whole window needed to be replaced. DH worked on it most of yesterday until time to go to the wedding, but should be able to get it all bavck together this afternoon.
We will head to Wilcox to church this morning, go through Holdrege at noon for lunch and chicken feed, then home again to get the air up.
Concert in Oxford tonight so will be a pretty busy day.
Need to get some work done first of next week as DH's oldest from NM will be here Tues or Wed with her three (under 4 yoa) for a week. Friday his youngest daughter will come from Wray, CO with her 3 (under 4 yoa) Think I will need a motel room!!!
Hope all has a great day....

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