Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More work to do and some play!

I have been working on several customer quilts one of which is this one from a customer in California. I have watched her go from very basic with 1/2" seams to this beauty perfectly stitched. She tells me she is now working on a quilt with triangles which is giving her a little compitition, but I know she will get it done and it will be fine.

When I agreed to help with VBS, we had one specific project we were going to do, and that was make parachutes for The Voice of the Martyrs, project. That whole story is too long, drawn out, and has not happy ending, so I will just say, I now have the parachutes finished! Today they will be mailed off to the Missionary in Columbia, and I can wipe my hands so to speak of the project!

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  1. Love that quilt. The fabrics showing in the bottom image are beautiful. Do you know the brand? Glad your VBS project is done. Some times little things can turn into big pains.


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