Thursday, December 17, 2009

Long Time No Post, Sorry

It has been a long and crazy past month or so. Way too many things going on, and lots of work to be done. We have been gone working two weekends which is good, but keeps us laying low for a couple of days after recouperating.

I have finally started my Butterfly Quilt.

On the right is the photo that I am trying to in a small way duplicate, then on the left is the beginning. This is how it all starts, long way from done, but it is the beginning. Like with all things, they have to start somewhere. This photo was taken in my butterfly garden, I have had the house for a long time, and have not found another one like it.
I will keep everyone posted on my progress, it will be a long process, but it has to be done by the 7th of January as it needs to go to Grand Island for an Exhibit. Well I am planning on it anyway, I will find out if I have been accepted on the 22 of this month.

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