Friday, July 17, 2009

Off to the Fair We Went

Well some friends (fellow quilters) and I went off to the fair this morning. First we went to Arapahoe for donuts at the new bakery. Pulled up in front of Cunninghams at 9:30, got out of the car and the lady at the door who was washing windows informed us that they were out of rolls. The whole case of donuts was empty! What a rude thing to do, sell all the rolls before we got there. So to the other coffee house (Take 5) we went. No good rolls there, but much better coffee.
We arrived at the fair and to the Open Class barn we go. My quilt was at the end of the table, folded up and without the bag I had taken it in. I was nervous as we approached the quilt, and low and behold it had a Blue Ribbon (first place) in the Machine Quilted. That was nice as that is the business I am in. Just that silly little ribbon (probably pays $4 or $5) gave me alot of confidence to enter in other contests. I know I will not be so lucky again, but Hey what the heck.
One sad note, my two Shih Tzu's were outside this morning by themselves (which is a bad thing). I went to the door and called them to come in, and they came from around the car both licking their chops. I put them in the house and walked around to where they had come from and there laying on the ground was one of my Red Bantam Chickens, head gone and chewed up. I went to the house and spanked both dogs, as I knew they had killed the chicken. I am mad at them, and will not let them stay outside by themselves again, as they will ofcourse do it again. I feel terrible, but what do you do?????? I love my dogs and my chickens, so will protect the chickens from the dogs.
That's Life in the Country,

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