Monday, June 29, 2009

Tomorrow - Tomorrow - Tomorrow

Here is a photo of the DH's Biological children, KC holding Emma Bledsoe, next is Lars, Shari and Jace Johnson, then Katie holding Eryn Bledsoe, in front of Shari is Trevor Johnson and way in front is Jackson Bledsoe. So there you have our house full.
The Bledsoe's have gone back to Wray, (yesterday afternoon). So tomorrow we will take the Johnson Family back to North Platte to their Grannies... This has been a rude awakening. They are great family, but when you are not use to having the clutter, mess, noise, and all that goes along with small children, it is nooooo fun.... Love them, but they are too young or maybe I am too old.
Now on Wednesday we go to pickup the four Omaha grandkids. Their ages are 15, 13, 12 and very soon to be 11. Trust me, there will be no diapers, food on the floor or attitudes!
Have a great evening....

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