Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Well it is peaceful here at home today.

Early this morning we drove to North Platte to take DDIL and kids to their Grannies.

My DH had had an insulin situation in the middle of the night again, woke up and he was sweating, checked his Blood and it registered 27 which is not acceptible at 2 AM. He was atleast lucid enough to take 3 Glucose tabs so with that and an hour, it came back up. What a horrible disease for him and for me. I just feel very lucky that I am able to wake up, knowing something is wrong. I also have an injection, but at $100.00 per shot, and a several waiting day wait on reorder, I try to do other things to get it up.

Now for tomorrow, we are off to York to pickup four of my DGK to spend some time with us. It is really going to be exciting as it has been three years. We will go to Wilcox for the 4th, cook all kinds of food and just have a good time.

Every one get ready for plenty of photos...

I better get going, the ambien is kicking my rear end and ability to type..

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