Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another chilly week here in the city!

Here is a quilt a friend of mine did using tracings from an antique quilt given to me by my first husbands mother. She received the quilt as a baby, so has to be atleast 90 years old. The quilt was made from the Kansas City Star Ruby McKim's nursery rhymes Penny Squares, 1916.

Boy it has been cold here and rainy.

My DH and I work out of North Platte, NE every sixth Friday and Saturday. We awoke on Saturday morning to a 13.8" snow and I mean a snow. The only good thing was that it came straight down, so no drifts, which is a really good thing.

My machine has been idle for a couple of days. Will be having quilt group here on Monday night so need to get it ready for 10-15 women to try her out. I will load some easy fabric to test drive her.
My "Banwell Men" art quilt is moving along very, very slowly. Wish I could get into the usual mood, then it would be done in nothing flat. Seems that once I get the line drawing done, the rest, fabric selection, placement, and background goes very quickly.
Have a baby shower to go to on Saturday, so will put together a quilt for that. She may just get a photo of the unfinished quilt as I doubt if I have time to piece, quilt and bind one. I do have some very nice blocks already to be sashed.
Guess I better get to that quilt.
Have a great evening.

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  1. This is really an interesting quilt, CQ. The redwork blocks are really fun and such unusual design. Great fun!
    Sounds like you have a lot going with the quilt group and baby showers.... your art quilt will come together when it is meant to be. I know it will be fabulous!


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