Monday, September 14, 2009

New project in the making!

Well yesterday was a very long day. To church by 9:45, the preacher (my husband) kept us until 12:25. We got a call from a friend who invited us to Franklin, NE for lunch at the Black Powder Grill. It was a good lunch nothing to brag about, but sometimes you just don't order right. Then we went to the Senior Center for a Jam Fest of Senior Citizens. Funny part was we did not feel out of place with all the gray heads and near deads. So we listened to the music which was really nice, then off to the 5:00 showing of Julie/Julia. I loved the movie, as I love to cook and I vividly remember Julia Childs show on PBS. Will be looking for the book, as think it would be interesting and a good read.

Now for my quilting. I have started a new art quilt. this photo to the right is what I am doing. It is my nephew Max who lives in Houston, holding his son Harrison. I will take out the DSIL who is on the left, as want only the Banwell boys. This next photo is how I start an Art Quilt. So I will be posting the process as it goes along so everyone can see what goes into the making of an art quilt. It all starts by drawing the image onto muslin fabric. Hope to work to day on the project so will have more photos tonight.

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