Saturday, June 27, 2009


Well, DH's DD & DSIL (with 3 under 5 YOA) came from Wray, CO and DS came from Lincoln. I was tempted to got to the motel in Holdrege, but resisted. I must say they have been better then usual and so that helps. The really young ones are so very cute and quiet that if they were all like them it would be very peaceful.
We did go to Arapahoe to the new Bar & Grill for supper last evening. I was really thinking a sharp stick in the eye or acid in the eye would be less painful, but I was wrong. They were really great, surprised me....
Mack & Sadie have no food, as it has to be kept way up high. But they are very lucky as when the kids eat so do Mack & Sadie, off the floor.
Guess I better pay attention before the house burns down.
MH, Have a great sale, and hurry home......

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